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High Sierra Management
722 Pin Oak Road
Katy. TX 77494
Email High Sierra
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Our West Memorial constables patrol our subdivision 24/7. Please call them at 281-463-6666 to report any disturbance.

Every Wednesday and Saturday.
Note: Recycling is picked up on SATURDAYS ONLY!
Waste Corporation of Texas
8515 Highway 6 South
Houston, TX 77083
(281) 368-8397

Waste collection service is not exclusively limited to the use of the trash container; any residential refuse not contained within the trash container cart will be serviced as long as it’s contained in additional containers less than 40-gallons each or boxed, bagged or bundled weighing less than 40-pounds.  Tree, shrub and brush trimmings not contained within the cart must be bundled in lengths no greater than 4-feet and weighing less than 40-pounds and branches with a maximum diameter of 3-inches, and placed at the curb alongside the trash container.

You should be provided with a blue bin for recycling purposes. Waste Management will accept plastic, cans, plastic and glass bottles and paper. For more information on recycling services please click here and enter 77450 in the Check Availability box.

Effective January 1, 2020 WCA will be implementing a sticker program for your community. The program requires that every home have one cart or can (trash container) that holds no more than forty gallons or forty pounds. This is required so that the sticker can placed on the cart or can.

Please note the following:

WCA Waste
Phone: 281-368-8397
Email: cshouston@wcamerica.com
Website: www.wcawaste.com

You need a permit if you have installed or are installing an alarm system. The fee for a yearly permit is $35 with a yearly renewal fee of $10. Under current guidelines, a permitted locations is allowed five (5) free false alarms annually. Any subsequent false alarms during permitted year are subject to $75 fine that is billed to the permit holder's address. If a site has an active alarms system, yet does not have a permit to operate such alarm, a false alarm may result in a Class C citation, which could range up to $500.
All permit fees are waived for senior citizens 65 years or older.
Should you require a copy of the permit application form, or would like to review the regulations regarding permit requirements, you may do so by visiting the Harris County Sheriff's Office website at www.hcso.hctx./net . (You will find the form under Forms>Alarm Permit Application.) The application can be printed from the website, then completed and mailed to our office with the applicable fees.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Harris County Sheriff's Office Alarm Detail at 713-755-4600, Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

West Memorial Civic Association's Board has approved a $250 reward to anyone providing information leading to the arrest and prosecution of person or persons vandalizing or destroying West Memorial Civic Association property.

Soliciting is prohibited in West Memorial. If you are approached by a soliciter, please call the constable's office at 281-463-6666. A recent trend is for crooks to pretend they are soliciters, to knock on a front door and if no one answers they will go around to the back of the home and kick in a door or break a window in order to gain entry. So please call the constables if you see a suspicious person or vehicles in your street or area!

The clubhouse is located at 22415 Kingsland Ave and is available for rental. For more information please contact High Sierra Management at 281-391-7914 or email High Sierra

You can download the rental agreement after you have confirmed your reservation date with High Sierra Management at 281-391-7914 or email High Sierra

West Memorial Clubhouse Rental Agreement

We pay for the streetlights whether they work or not, so if a light is out in your area please report it by calling 713-207-2222. Please have the pole number and street location ready when you call.

If you put up a garage sale sign, it is your responsibility to remove them when the sale is over. Please be a good neighbor.

To apply please download and print the application form, fill it in and mail it to Krenek Printing Co. 7102 Glen Chase Ct, Katy, TX 77095

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Online Homeowner Portal open through High Sierra Management! Click here to learn more about it and how to register!
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Our West Memorial constables patrol our subdivision 24/7. Please call them at 281-463-6666 to report any disturbance.

Don't hesitate to call the Animal Control Officer at 281-391-4848 or the Harris County Animal Control at 281-999-3191 if you see animals roaming the neighborhood unleashed.

The clubhouse is located at 22415 Kingsland Ave and is available for rental. You can download the rental agreement after you have confirmed your reservation date by email with High Sierra.
West Memorial Clubhouse Rental Agreement

Our community park is located at 22415 Kingsland and is open to all West Memorial residents for outdoor activities. It has playround equipment and a large sheltered pavilion.

If you are interested in doing some volunteer work for West Memorial and the larger Katy communities or becoming involved with our West Memorial Civic Association Board, please email volunteers@westmemorial.org

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West Memorial car stickers are now available if you would like to identify yourselves as West Memorial residents. Please email High Sierra for more details.

Your West Memorial Community Newsletter will be delivered to you monthly. To add or change items of interest please contact
Krenek Printing Company 7102 Glen Chase Ct,
Katy, TX 77095

Katy ISD Home Access CenterThe Katy ISD Home Access Center provides an online grade book where parents and guardians can view helpful student information to support and guide their children through the educational process. From home or work, at any time of the day or night, parents can access the Web portal to track academic achievement. E-mail links are also available throughout the portal so parents can communicate with the school and teachers.